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Mystics and Merchandising

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

New Dehli was where I first saw the Clothing Fair 2010 build and I was taken with the the bazaar stalls arranged along the sides. The central plaza is spacious and appointed with delightful fountains. When I started taking my pictures today, though, something exquisite emerged.


The placement of the Temple on one end and the Mashooka build on the other gives the plaza a wonderful asymtetric balance and seemed to draw me in and take me away to a different place, a different time.


The textures and shape of the temple’s interior was stunning. The pictures here can’t really do it justice, even in the larger sizes. You might be tempted to visit just for the view alone but let’s not over look the clothing. The shops are filled with different textures, and brilliant colors. I was impressed by how well the clothing fit the regional them.


This suit by Mashooka is a case in point. The silvery filigree adorns the sumptuous green top and a silky pair of trousers with prim cuffs adds a base. I’m a long time fan of Mashooka’s work and this one didn’t let me down.


I’m a sucker for a Hawaiian shirt, especially if it’s executed well and this Purple Hawaiian from Brocade Tiger certainly lives up to that expectation. Brocade Tiger has a lot of interesting men’s wear and I’m sure to be going to visit them in their main store with the Fair folds up the tents.

My one disappointment with New Delhi was the dearth of men’s wear. Frankly, I can understand why there isn’t more. Guys don’t shop as much as women and I’ve heard vendor after vendor make the same remarks about men-as-customers. I think we’re making progress slowly, but we’re not out of the woods … yet.

Below is a list of “guy stuff” and I’m looking forward to what new adventures tomorrow will bring.

Is it just me or does everyone have a sudden hankering for Tandouri Chicken with a side of papadums?

Guy Stuff

  • Mashoka – Men’s suit Veer (350L)
  • Zaara – Nalin (pale blue) with Chinos set (250L)
  • Falln – Sherwani Sahi Sone Ke – (550L)
  • Brocade Tiger – BT Purple Hawaiian Shirt (50L) – BT Sugar Band (250L)