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Make Him Over Hunt 121-151

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009


That’s all I can say about it.


Today, one last outfit from the end of the hunt. I really liked this outfit called “Made Men” from Toxic Tiger (#143). The jeans are really well done and the shirt/waistcoat combo has some nice cuffs and collar. The Jungle Wear (#136) “Claws” surprised me when I saw them in the folder. I was expecting something a tad more Neko-ish. The monochrome palette on the shoes made them a natural to go with the grey vest.

For accessories, I added the Convent Necklace from Goth1c0 (#140), the ceramic and silver bracelet from Bull and Bear (#132), and the Patchouly Belt from Kosh (#151) – the last item in the hunt. I liked the weight on the Convent Necklace. Sometimes men’s jewelry feels a bit heavy and blocky. This one, while carrying a bit of extra heft, seems to work really well. The bracelet gave me a bit of trouble fitting, until I realized that the texture had some alpha-layer action going on, giving it a sort of pierced look and that my skin was supposed to show through in spots. This item is mod, too, so I was able to shape it bit better to my wrist than a simple round shape would do. And I had to wear the belt. It’s the last item on the list, and worked with this outfit. It’s also very well done. I have trouble wearing belts but this one didn’t require a lot of bit-fiddling to get a good fit.

I won’t add to the bandwidth that the Hunt is generating by adding a lot more pictures and commentary. There are some terrific posts already, including a very comprehensive catalog of finds over at Free Finds for Men and a great set of “highlight” posts over on the Make Him Over Hunt blog.

I will say a heart-felt, “Thank you,” to Tarsis Gausman, Samara Pennell, and all the people who are currently helping to support this great opportunity for some terrific designers of men’s wear to get known.

Guys, if you haven’t had a chance to do the hunt, take a few hours and run through some of the stores. Visit, vote, and support them by buying something if you can. I know I’m putting together an index of my favorites and I’ll be going back to see what I might have missed.

Let ’em know you noticed.

Make Him Over Hunt 91-120

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

The hunt is winding down for me but you have the rest of the month to take advantage of these great items. Today I’ve got a potpourri of items to share. They’re just some of the items that caught my eye as I was unpacking last night’s haul.

MHOH 70 – 90

Friday, June 5th, 2009

The hits just keep on coming. I ran short of Hunt Time yesterday so only got through 20 more treasures. One thing I’ve noticed is that there are a lot of shirts and jackets. Some are part of outfits but a lot are just really cool toppers that work well with almost anything. Here are six of them that I found in just this last set of finds:


MHOH 11-40

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Tons of great stuff in the next 30 stops on the treasure hunt. I’m running short on time to write about them because I spent so much time unpacking and looking them over!

MHOH 11-40, originally uploaded by roland_zepp.

This morning’s post highlights some of the designers I’d not run into before. Bryce Designs “Frankie” (#13)with the hat and hair combo is stunning. The gift is a fatpack with hair in a variety of colors and in a length I’d not seen before. It’s high prim but also gorgeously done.

The shirt is Malo from ducknipple (#19) — a designer I’d heard about but never visited before — and it comes with both collar and hoodie version (not shown) options. I really love the use of texture in this top. It’s not something you see everyday.

The pants are the black jeans from *EROS* “Greggor” (#25) – an entire outfit by itself and a very sharp monochrome look it is, too.

I added the gloves – (F.A.T. BLACK GLOVEZ-GOLD – BY F.A.T. DESIGNZ – #27) because I thought they looked really cool with the short sleeves — not quite golfer, not quite biker, and altogether bad-azz. They are just part of another complete outfit as well.

Accessories include the Midnight Mamba shades from Santero (#18), Ephemeral Gemstone Stud Earring (silver/jet, left) (#26) and the Sinner watch 3.6 from SS Designs (#22).

There’s tons more stuff to talk about just in these thirty treasures — shirts, pants, 3 pairs of sunglasses, several pendants… But I’m out of time and I need to get back to the hunt!

My sincerest thanks to all the designers who’re making this such a squee-worthy event. My hat’s off — err, on — um, whatever.


Watch for more updates as I pick up more great goodies!

Make Him Over Hunt: 1 – 10

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Holy Moses! This hunt is shaping up to be the Motherlode for Men!

The hunt started at midnight this morning and will run thru the end of the month. I grabbed the first 10 treasures and I’m blown away. Hair, skins, eyes, clothes, shoes — even some really nice skybox buildings.

But enough chit chat, on with the schwag!


This outfit is All Hunt – hair, skin, eyes, clothes. The only thing that’s not hunt related is the shape, and there was a shape in the package. I just didn’t wear it.

Skin: BeReal – Max
Hair: MADesigns – Slide Black – unreleased
Eyes: MADesigns – ABYSS – Atlantic Sea
Shirt: AlphaMale – Polo shirt – Brown

And the full length view:

This shows the ColorMeChaos Grunge Kilt Pants with cuff and the [horenbeek] Black and Beige Nylon trainers. Yes, [horenbeek] trainers.

ColorMeChaos had a couple of these kilt sets along with three different sky box builds in the package. Staggering.

Skin: BeReal – Max
Hair: MADesigns – Slide Black – unreleased
Eyes: MADesigns – ABYSS – Atlantic Sea

Shirt: AlphaMale – Polo shirt – Brown
Pants: ColorMeChaos – Grunge Kilt Pants
Shoes: [horenbeek] – Nylon trainers (black/beige)

Speaking of shoes. I have a heck of a time getting shoes I really like. In other posts here, I’ve documents some of my shoes but if this hunt keeps up like this I’m gonna need to get some shoe storage tips from Imelda Marcos.

On top is a close up on the [horenbeek] nylon trainers. These are exquisitely done as we’ve come to expect from them.

On the bottom is a pair of chucks from Line! I have to confess, I’ve never looked at Line’s shoes but these will have me back there looking over some of their other offerings as well

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Here’s more:

This is an outfit from another place I’d never run into before – nuvolino. The shirt is a very nicely excuted black shirt with prim collar and has a really well done biohazard symbol on the chest and back in gray. It’s a very subtle pattern and I lilke the collar shape a lot. It comes with a pair of brown grungy jeans — which I have to apologize for not getting a better picture of.

And note the hair! Another MADesigns unreleased style called Richi.

Shirt: .nuvolino – :ATSD:. Surreal Mens biohazard shirt
Pants: nuvolino = .:ATSD:. Surreal punk jeans
Hair: MADesigns – Richi Blond

Skin: LeLutka – Absolute Pale

Guys? Are you still reading? Stop. Go. Hunt. Show that men care about this stuff as much as women.

And while you’re out there, show your support for these great designers by tapping the voting machines, tossing a few lindens into their tip jars if you can. Maybe look around a little and see if there’s something else there you like. Especially if it’s a shop you’ve never seen before. It makes a difference and even if you don’t find something you want at the moment, even the traffic numbers generated by having your avatar in the region for an extra few minutes can make a difference.

Recap on how it works:

If you’re not familiar with the “grid wide hunt” concept, it’s really easy. You start with a landmark to the first stop (in this case it’s MADesigns). Look for the “male symbol” somewhere in the store. What You Look ForIt can be any size and any where. When you find it, buy it (it’s free, or should be), and inside you’ll find the treasure and a landmark for the next shop. Teleport to that shop and repeat.

This hunt is circular. That means if you find one of the “Make Him Over Hunt” signs in one of your favorite shops, you can start there. When you get to the end, the link will point you back to the beginning and you can keep going until you’ve gotten all the prizes.

The hunt has a web site and a group for in-world hints and support.

With over 150 participating designers, the 10 represented here are just the beginning. It’s going to be a great month!