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Royal Highlander

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

My collection of kilts keeps growing, and with it my appreciation for both the kilt as clothing and the art of Elle74 Zaftig in crafting these unique fashion statements.

Blackwatch Piper

This glorious stretch of tartan is a Black Watch Piper’s Kilt. As with all of Bellissima’s kilt ensembles, this one is impeccably tailored with prims and textures that are rendered as authentically as might be managed within the limits of SL’s rendering engines. This particular kilt — with the prim sashes and epaulets — has a bit more trouble than others just because of the prims don’t have the same flex as the avatar’s mesh body, but it’s still an amazing feat of construction. From ghillie boot to regimental collar, this is a wonderful piece of work.

This particular kilt came to me as part of a modeling assignment. If you’d like to see me wearing this kilt on the runway, catch the Deja Vogue Spring Show on Sunday, April 18th, at noon SLT. Rumor is there’ll be more kilts from Bellissima and fashion from other fine designers like Ambergris, Chantkare, and Shiki. Save the date and come see us.

I wonder if I can find a set of pipes before the show …

After Word

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

The clothing fair has been torn down, the regions returned to owners. Many of the designers still have their RFL Vendors active in their own shops. There’s a certain glow that comes after the Fair. Knowing that you helped — even in a small way — to raise over 4.3 million Lindens is cause for a pause and a deep breath before going on.

That’s not to say that the activities have ended. Events come up every day on the RFL Volunteer group and the Clothing Fair Designers can be a bit of a noisy group on occasion. I feel honored to be part of the group year round and to play with them occasionally in the “off season.” They’re an awesome group of people who give so much to help the Fair be the success it is.

One of the outfits that caught my eye — and there were so many — was the Bellisima Scott Kilt. When I wrote about it in my London post, I asked if there were a Wallace in Green. Elle74 Zaftig of Bellisima dropped this on me yesterday.


This amazing work blows me away every time I see it. The attention to detail staggers me. From the honor blade in the Ghillie boot to the individual chain links in the sporran, to the pom on the top of the Glengarry hat, it’s amazing. I’ll never own a full Wallace kit in RL — even though I am a Wallace there — but through this marvelous effort, I can wear my tartan on the grid and connect to my clan.

Thank you, Elle. This means more than you’ll ever know.

And thank you, again, to all the designers, builders, models, DJ’s, and countless others who gave of themselves to help the Relay For Life. The countless customers who came and shopped and bought (or not) could not have had the opportunity to do so without your efforts.

Go, Relay!