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Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Things in Zepp-ville have been a tad hectic over the last week or so and I’ve been remiss in some of my other blogging duties. One of the things that happened was that Zane Macpherson from Jasper dropped a pack of goodies on me and I’m only getting around to looking inside it now. Sorry, Zane.

One thing that readers here know is that I’m always looking for new texture. There was plenty here. Start with this…

Jasper Hoodie and Shorts

The top is Jasper’s Kai-Hoodie. I love the whimsy in pink here with the stylized animal and the zipper front. I also am intrigued by the pouch pocket in the front. Of all the hoodies I’ve seen, got on hunts, etc, this is the first one I’ve spotted with that feature. I’m wearing it with the gray tank that came with and I like the look, but I could easily have put something else on under it for a bit of accent. I had some problems with the “no mod” cuffs and my big-size body, but I turned them upside-down and they worked really well — maybe better than they would have in the intended position. I’ll probably wear this hoodie around. It makes me laugh.

The shorts are part of a “Summer Plunge” set that seems very well done. The plaid texture and knee-prims set this pair of shorts up nicely. I’m seeing more and more plaid on the grid these days and I have to say, I’m kinda liking what I’m seeing.

And speaking of textures, I first became aware of Jasper because of their skins. I’ve been watching the development for a while now and I like the way this skin works.

Jasper Diurnal Honey

This is Jasper’s Diurnial in honey tone with a dark brow and eyeliner. The color representation is going to be difficult just because the differences in color/light settings in world, your monitor, and my post production of this image have all conspired to change the way you will see it in world. I’m wearing the same skin in the photo above so that’ll give you an idea of the variation in look.

I like this skin. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the clean-ness of the coloration and shading. Maybe it’s the simple definition. The neck/collarbone is particularly well done and if the face is a tad on the bland side, I think that sometimes that’s a good thing. The dark brows don’t do much for me, in all honesty. I thought they started too low on the inside of my eye socket and the way they end on the inside … a kind of straightline effect over my nose … seems a bit abrupt. I’d like to see those with a bit of curve there. Even with that, I think this is a darn nice skin. I can see me wearing this for those times when the designer wants a more background look for the model — or for somebody like Simone Stern who likes her models to be a bit on the paler side. Yes, sir, I like it.

Thanks, Zane!

Visit Jasper’s Main Store for more cool stuff. Take a look at the Mr. Bear Chucks when you get there.