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Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

If you’re like me, when you go to a shop, you just look in the store and seldom actually explore the region. With the Memorial Day Marathon right around the corner, I thought you all should see what else is in this peaceful and scenic region.

The central plaza is dominated with this scripted “Mother Nature” figure. She’s really lovely and will talk with you.

This impressive dragon guards the entry to the store. His head swivels to follow your movement in a most disconcerting way. I’m reminded of the old adage:

Do not interfere in the affairs of dragons
for you are crunchy
and taste good with mustard.

He seems harmless enough, but still…

Speaking of guardians, there’s a Troll Bridge leading to the neighboring region. Complete with Troll. I didn’t find an “exact change” lane or the “troll booth” but this was a nice bit of whimsy.

The region is lovely and rich with things to see and do. For the fishing fans, there’s a fishing hole. I have it on good authority that there’s a custom prize lurking in the depths here. It may not be there much longer, but you never know.

There are eight – count ’em – eight(!) lucky chairs in the central plaza.

There’s a nice beach for those who like to take a little break by the water.

There’s even a secret grotto complete with healing pool.

The region is relaxing and open. There’s plenty of open space with some lovely views, like this river walk.

And even the outlying shops are lovely cottages and crofts, so there’s plenty to shop for and look over.

I didn’t even get into the sculpture garden. There was just too much to take pictures of and my Flickr account is groaning already.

As you start planning for this weekend, be sure to save some time to attend the Memorial Day Marathon and support all the Relay for Life teams who’ll be raising money in support of the Race for the Cure, and take some time while you’re there to support the merchants as well.


Tomcattin' Around

Monday, May 18th, 2009

This weekend is another Relay for Life event and it’s shaping up to be a good one. I had a chance to talk with Wiccan Sojourner last week and she gave me this outfit to try out and see what I thought. Let me just point out that I’m not now, nor have I ever been a neko, and I’m not normally what one might call a “tom cat” but this outfit is pretty darn cool

TomCatitude from Bewitched

Everything in this photo is included in the package, except for shape, skin, and eyes. Hair, ears, tail — all of that is included.

The richness of the detail work is amazing. I’ve long appreciated BeWitched styles, attention to detail, and the absolute fearlessness in approaching everything from kitchy costumes to ritual garb, from formal to fetish, from gown to lingerie. Wiccan has done pretty much all of it at one point or another in her long career as a designer in SL.

TomCatitude Belt & Knife This belt and thigh knife are great examples of Wiccan’s mastery of prim accessory and set this piece up to be much more than just another “torn up top and jean” set.

The boots are very nicely detailed with laces and textures as well.
TomCattitude Boots

The outfit even includes the tattoos.
TomCatitude Tattoos

This version is only one of several available — for both men and women — and is one of the newest items at BeWitched. When you’re out at the Relay For Life Memorial Day Marathon, make sure to stop by the store and take a look at this and all the other great outfits you’ll find there.