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SuperELITE Model Search Summer 2010

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

The finals for the Mr. SE Summer 2010 contest wrapped up yesterday and congratulations to the three guys who took home the prizes. In my own typical fashion, I managed to miss the boat somewhere but it’s worthy of a post.

The theme as presented to the contestants:

Theme : “Dark side of the Moon” – The chaos and the apocalypse reigns over our Earth, Angels and Demons fight for the dominance of this world and restoring the broken order.
(futuristic, dramatic, battle, metallic)

There’s an interesting challenge here. First, they’re looking for something that’s as cliche as it gets when we’re talking about male fashion on the grid–the warrior look. Second, it will need to be something that shows off the modeling skills of styling, posing, presentation, and description. Third, the contestants were only given four days to address the theme. A formidable task!

My entry:


For me, this rather tired male-as-warrior cliche is a particular challenge. I dislike it almost as much as the “loin clothed muscle-man” and the “gay caballero” themes which seem to be the other common archtypes for males in the metaverse. Overcoming my distaste and coming up with a look which was within the theme, added something to the male aesthetic, and provided sufficient drama to have a chance of winning in a matter of hours was a substantial challenge. That challenge was made even more difficult when the organizers announced the show theme on Wednesday as “Fallen Angels.” Contestants were not notified of any contest theme change so I proceeded to create the look we were assigned.

The difficulty in dealing with warriors is getting out of the cliche in a way that supports the trope. In a fashion and styling contest, there’s also the challenge of not obscuring the model. There are lots of armors, weapons, specialized skins, etc on the grid that do a good job of making a warrior but mis-represent the model underneath — effectively turning the model into a dress-up doll, even hiding the avatar completely.

The key to any styling assignment is finding the inspiration. In many cases, that’s an item of clothing, an accessory, or perhaps a skin. In my case it was the stage. When we saw the stage on Tuesday for the first time, the dark, gritty, apocalyptic landscape started me wondering about how to stand out in the darkness — not only how to stand out against the field of contestants but how to be seen in the first place. I reasoned that the majority of contestants would opt for the “Black Bart” look, and going with an alternate would get me out of the pack. The idea of the White Knight appealed to me in terms of my ability to stand out on the stage.

It didn’t take long for me to select Lapointe’s Archangel Gabriel armor as a basis. It has the advantage of being white, scanty without being skimpy, and falls within the instructional parameters of “futuristic, dramatic, battle” very nicely. It’s not particularly “metallic” but I liked the possibilities provided. The immediate question was one of application — the theme specified an End Times scenario where the battle for good and evil becomes literal rather than spiritual and I needed to decide whether or not to wear the wings and be the Archangel Gabriel or to become an earthly champion of Good. I reasoned that most contestants would opt for wings and I chose the contrarian approach. I liked that because it allowed me to take advantage of literary goodness with an ancient story of a warrior named Roland — Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came — and use that as a foundation for my description. A great skin from Belleza and TTF’s mohawk gave me a fierce foundation. A classic two-handed sword from the White Armory provided the extra weaponry for the “sword and pistol by my side” idea and some very nice jewelry from Rozaregalia and an arm mounted clock for counting down to Doomsday accessorized the outfit. As a final touch, I picked a set of Celtic tattoos from Tat’ash Ink that complemented the knot work designs on the armor itself and tied the whole thing together.

I confess I had reservations about the choices.

The armor was a set piece. As a styling challenge, having so much of the outfit from a single designer was a risk. Frequently, styling competitions focus on the clothes and whether or not the contestant was able to mix-n-match. They sometimes overlook the cohesiveness of the avatar as a whole.

The overall subtlety of the look seemed a risk to me as well. I have a very minimalist aesthetic. It comes from growing bonsai trees where a single leaf represents an entire tree. That aesthetic manifests itself in my styling for maximum effect with minimum artifact. Coco Chanel’s famous quote about fashion being a triumph over vulgarity is one of my guiding principles, so I shoot for an overall look that uses the least amount of busy-ness. Unfortunately, that subtlety is frequently lost on judges who seem to be looking for the model to wear *something* on every mount point, whether it adds to the look or not.

Third, the issue of the theme change weighed on my mind. The contestants were never notified that the theme had shifted from the battle to ‘fallen angels’ and although the original statement of theme referred to the battle of angels and demons, I was left with my original instructions and the uneasy sense that I’d missed a memo.

Finally, I knew going in that I was going against type for SuperELITE. They have a consistent look for their male models that I’ve seen them choose over and over and over. Going against that type was a calculated risk.

In the end, the change of theme turned out to be significant and the three winners were either angels or demons. They had great looks and I congratulate them on their success with the contest. The nature of these contests is that I’ll never find out what it was that cost me. It might have been the theme, might have been the look. It might have been that they didn’t like my answer to their question. Whatever it was, my year of playing the SuperELITE lottery is over. After missing Mr Autumn, being caught by a rules change for Mr. Winter, traveling and being unable to make the mandatory rehearsal schedule for Spring, and now having missed the brass ring for Mr. Summer, I can finally get two group slots back by dropping the two slots taken up by the required SE groups. It’s apparent that SuperELITE isn’t buying what I’m selling and it’s time for me to move along.

Congrats and best wishes all around. It was a heck of a ride.

[Update: The day after the event, I was invited back to become an MSE Top Model which makes me eligible to participate in the finale show later this fall. I’m not exactly sure why and I’ve not had a chance to ask, but I’m looking forward to working as a model instead of a contestant. – RZ]

Let’s Hear It for the Boys

Friday, April 16th, 2010

On Saturday, April 17th at 1pm SLT, Deja Vogue presents “Let’s Hear It for the Boys” — a show dedicated to men’s fashion featuring some of the grid’s best in menswear. I’m honored to be participating in this show and here’s a little preview of what I’ll be wearing on the runway.

First, from Shiki, this very interesting zip-up sweater and grunge jeans combination:


I like the fact that Shiki has taken the “jeans and tee-shirt” look for spring and updated it with a nice zip-up (that’s not a hoodie) and added the strappy epaulets for dimension. The grunge jeans are very nicely textured with a crisp grunge look that avoids looking muddy. These jeans actually come with the belt as shown and are available at the Shiki main store in the new Spring 2010 section on the second floor. I looked but didn’t see the sweater available yet, but I’m guessing it’s only because I didn’t look hard enough in the right place.

Next, from Bellissima, the boy-next-door look for a lovely spring day:


If you follow my at all, you’ll know I get a bit fanboy over Elle74 Zaftig’s work in kilts. My enthusiasm for her work is only enhanced with this wonderfully understated sweater and trousers outfit. The stripes across the chest and a sumptuous knit texture give the top great dimension while subtle shading on the pants add a low-key foundation. Visit Bellissima and you’ll find that this outfit comes in three different colored stripes (blue, green, and brown camo), two colors of denim trousers (blue and black), and it even comes with the shoes. This ensemble is a virtual wardrobe in a box!

Finally, from Ambergris, this Dark Wedding cut-away:


This deceptively simple outfit has a lot of nuances. First, the cutaway jacket owes a lot to the regency cutaway with the over-the-hip styling with the tail-coat. The use of the buttoned waistcoat in a solid gray gives the mottled jacket texture into a brocade feel without the busy-ness often found in brocades. The pants in a lighter gray are actually subtly striped and shaded to give the outfit a nice foundation.

The show also features Chantkare Male with outfits from the new InMOTHion 2010 line inspired by the coloration patterns of various moths. These are amazing works of art that you’ll not want to miss.

To see all the men’s fashion and a rare opportunity to see a show with only men’s wear, mark your calendars for Saturday, April 17th at 1pm. Help support men’s fashion on the grid and come down to Deja Vogue to see this unique showing of spring fashion.

Royal Highlander

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

My collection of kilts keeps growing, and with it my appreciation for both the kilt as clothing and the art of Elle74 Zaftig in crafting these unique fashion statements.

Blackwatch Piper

This glorious stretch of tartan is a Black Watch Piper’s Kilt. As with all of Bellissima’s kilt ensembles, this one is impeccably tailored with prims and textures that are rendered as authentically as might be managed within the limits of SL’s rendering engines. This particular kilt — with the prim sashes and epaulets — has a bit more trouble than others just because of the prims don’t have the same flex as the avatar’s mesh body, but it’s still an amazing feat of construction. From ghillie boot to regimental collar, this is a wonderful piece of work.

This particular kilt came to me as part of a modeling assignment. If you’d like to see me wearing this kilt on the runway, catch the Deja Vogue Spring Show on Sunday, April 18th, at noon SLT. Rumor is there’ll be more kilts from Bellissima and fashion from other fine designers like Ambergris, Chantkare, and Shiki. Save the date and come see us.

I wonder if I can find a set of pipes before the show …

After Word

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

The clothing fair has been torn down, the regions returned to owners. Many of the designers still have their RFL Vendors active in their own shops. There’s a certain glow that comes after the Fair. Knowing that you helped — even in a small way — to raise over 4.3 million Lindens is cause for a pause and a deep breath before going on.

That’s not to say that the activities have ended. Events come up every day on the RFL Volunteer group and the Clothing Fair Designers can be a bit of a noisy group on occasion. I feel honored to be part of the group year round and to play with them occasionally in the “off season.” They’re an awesome group of people who give so much to help the Fair be the success it is.

One of the outfits that caught my eye — and there were so many — was the Bellisima Scott Kilt. When I wrote about it in my London post, I asked if there were a Wallace in Green. Elle74 Zaftig of Bellisima dropped this on me yesterday.


This amazing work blows me away every time I see it. The attention to detail staggers me. From the honor blade in the Ghillie boot to the individual chain links in the sporran, to the pom on the top of the Glengarry hat, it’s amazing. I’ll never own a full Wallace kit in RL — even though I am a Wallace there — but through this marvelous effort, I can wear my tartan on the grid and connect to my clan.

Thank you, Elle. This means more than you’ll ever know.

And thank you, again, to all the designers, builders, models, DJ’s, and countless others who gave of themselves to help the Relay For Life. The countless customers who came and shopped and bought (or not) could not have had the opportunity to do so without your efforts.

Go, Relay!

The Big Apple

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

As I sit to write this, there’s still time for you to get to the 2010 Clothing Fair and support the race for the cure. To wrap up my series on the regions, I’ve saved New York for last and it’s so quintessentially New York, it’s almost unbelievable.

The view from above is pretty spectacular.


Yeah, the builder took a little liberty with the placement of a few things, but one can only do so much with a single region. It’s still a city of tall buildings and single bounds.

From the street level, it’s got the same gritty vitality that you’d find on Fulton Street. I’ve been there in person and this is a darn good simulation — in feel, if not in actually fact.


The level of detail and the degree to which the builder was able to capture the feel of the city — from the Lions at the New York Public Library, to the parking lots and dumpters. This isn’t necessarily the uptown, upscale New York, but the working class down town.

I found several pieces of clothing and even a great necklace from Earthstones to show you.


I was pleased to see this piece in and RFL vendor because there’s never enough good men’s jewelry. Too much of it is either clunky-large, or misogynist, or both. I’m always on the lookout for a good piece with nice design and detail and this Jumoke necklace for men grabbed me.

For clothing, I found two separates that looked like they might have been made for each other, they went that well together.


Moonshines had this gritty looking men’s hoodie in charcoal while just down the street I found a matching pair of pants at Spellbound. The prices were very reasonable and I couldn’t resist helping the cause by snagging them both. I’ve added the Assassin’s Boots I got from the Melbourne sim the other day for a really kick-butt look that I might submit to the photo contest, except I’m too late. The deadline passed an hour ago.

Before I wrap with the Guy Stuff for this region…

I met this guy up in the balloon over the region. He seemed a little despondent that the fair was almost over for another year. I told him to cheer up, most of the vendors will be available for a few more days (at least) in the various stores and areas around the grid. If there’s something he missed, there’s plenty of time to find it — even if it’s not right here all together.

That cheered him up.

Thanks to everyone for all the hard work, long hours, and personal sacrifice to help bring this Clothing Fair in at what should be at least four million lindens before it’s over. A lot of that (nearly a quarter) comes from the vendors themselves who shelled out for the privilege of giving part of the proceeds from each sale to the Relay effort. Not only did they do a lot of hard work, they paid cash to do it. Thank them when you see them.

RIP: Bluewave Ogee – we lost you this year to leukemia, but we’ll never forget you.

Guy Stuff

  • Moxie Polanos – MP Guy Fawkes Mask (600L) Mp Mens Gold Giles Mask (600L)
  • EarthStones Jumoke Male Necklace – Sugilite (RFL/Boxed)(350L)
  • Moonshine – Hoodie w/sculpt prim hood, cuffs, all layers(90L)
  • Spellbound – [SB] Ridge pants (50L)
  • SD Wears – SD Ovation Male Jackets Chubby Pack (750L)
  • N’vhe King Neptunes Formal IEVL (199L)
  • Moodswings – ~D~ Real Men (300L)

I Think I’m Turning Japanese…

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Ok, maybe not, but the styles floating around from the Tokyo region have been rocking my world. Before I show you the clothing, I really need to show you the build.

It starts out with a classic Torii Gate in red at the corner, the path leads to the central plaza.


The region is beautiful in its simplicity and gleans much of its elegance from the spare lines of the architecture and minimalist design.


But like the oni in the woodpile, the strange old grandmother in the woods, there is this one amazing build lurking in the corner.


This wonderful monster looks like it should be in a Miyazaki movie. I found it simultaneously intimidating and fascinating. It’s the home to Store KwZ and it’s just perfect.

Fashion here is heavily skewed toward the Japanese pop with a smattering of traditional and, here and there, a few flashes of something very different.


I’ll start with the traditional and this Tsunami in Black and Red from House of Zen. At 200L this got an almost automatic buy from me. I’ve been eying these outfits for a long time. I do tai chi in RL and this is exactly the kind of outfit I’ve always wanted to wear when I’m doing Waves Hands as Clouds. I’ve never actually dropped the cash to get one before this because it seemed too much like “costume” and not something I’d just — you know — wear. With the added incentive of a donation to a good cause, I couldn’t resist actually splurging. Now I need to find the right (and left) shoes to go with it.

AITUI’s shop had a great set of items last year. I’ve been wearing the shirts off and on all year long. This year, my Lindens got snagged by this bad boy.


It’s called Hisashi’s Verdict and I clicked “buy” without a second thought or a look back. The piece comes in the usual layers with some chest belts and this great sculpty collar and diagonal slash zipper. I can’t explain it, but I had to have this piece. I’ll probably see it all over the grid now, but I don’t care. The combination of uinque style and exemplary execution is enough for me. This might be my new favorite shirt and it’s still available for another day at the Tokyo region of the Clothing Fair.

One last tease, and this outfit isn’t in the RFL vendors, but it’s the outfit that I got to wear on the runway in the Tokyo show earlier this evening.


I’m not much for fur trim. Between the flexi and the alpha, it’s a bugger to rez. This piece has fur at cuffs and collar and the unique execution gives the coat a kick that I think really justifies the viewer load. It’s called the Skull Stitch Jacket in black because there are little tiny skulls set in the lines of the stitching. Unless you’re looking you might not notice. The pants are the Winter Strap Pants. There’s a series of primmed belts and buckles on the right thigh that match up with some textured detailing and gives these pants just a little kick in the butt.

All the buckles and the talk of winter brought a pair of SF Design’s Slouch Boots out of my closet and while I know swaffette isn’t in the Tokyo region, I didn’t think either she or Nagaru Kawashima of Demise would mind if I brought this little touch of winter to the show.

Tomorrow is the last day, folks and last I heard, we still have stuff for sale and a goal to reach. If your Linden Balance is anything like mine, it’s beginning to squeak a little even after having had a recent influx, but remember it’s for a good cause. Not only do you get a great outfit, but the money you spend helps support the race for the cure.

Don’t forget the photography contest. It’s not too late to get your entry in! You have until 1pm SLT on Sunday.

Finally, don’t stop shopping yet. I know it’s getting expensive out there, but remember the big picture and help us reach our goal.

Guy Stuff

  • KWZ: Orient Tuxedo (500L)
  • -DEMISE- : D:suits 01 white set (450L) – Leather jacket with studs (350L) – Devote my heart (full body tatts) (250L) – ARGOS (full body tatts) (300L)
  • AITUI – Hisashi’s Verdict Jacket (RFL 2010) (250L)
  • HOUSE OF ZEN -Tsunami-Black and Red Uni-Sex (200L) – Tsunami-White and Black Uni-Sex (200L) – Red and Black Uni-Sex (200L) – Tsunami-Martial Arts Uniform (300L)

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention “Skin Canvas” and their entire shop of tattoos in RFL vendors. I didn’t take the time to document the dozens of tattoos there, but there are some nice looking ones there for a very reasonable price.

We’ll Always Have Paris

Friday, March 19th, 2010

There’s never any question about fashion when it comes to Paris. Call me old school but the phrase “runways of Paris” has just that little extra bit of fashion magic to it. It turns out I’m going to be in the Paris show in a few days, and I can’t wait to find out what I’ll be wearing. Anything from this group of designers will be spectacular!

First, the build is marvelous.


I love the Versailles inspired architecture around the periphery with the shops inside at street level.

The House of RFyre sponsored this region and their palace holds pride of place at the end of the bridge. I keep using the word monumental, but it certainly applies here.


The multi-globed streetlights give this an amazing old world flair and the views make me think of springtime, even though it’s currently snowing outside my window.


It was very relaxing to stroll along the boulevard, but I really needed to get back and post this bulletin before the ship sailed for the colonies … oh, wait. Wrong script.

House of RFyre has some wonderful gothic tuxes on their RFL vendors and they looked wonderful. It’s not really my style of choice so I had to dig a little deeper and found Eros – Fashion by Keth across the courtyard.


By now you know I like shirts and I found “Carl” here in a lovely aqua color tucked away around the corner in an RFL vendor. The subtle pattern to the texture and the realistic wrinkling gives this shirt a soft look. It comes with open and closed versions in a multitude of layers, including that all-important underwear layer to keep the clean tuck look on lowcut jeans. The prim collar and cuff give the piece dimension and the prims are well formed and matched in color. At 300L it’s a bit pricey for a shirt, even with all the layers, but it’s a nice piece and contributes to a good cause so I have no complaints.

After all, it came from Paris and everybody knows how expensive Paris fashion is.

Two more to go — New York and Tokyo — and I need to start looking seriously for my outfit for the photo contest. Time’s slipping away and I’d love to snag a little extra momento of this year’s RFL.

Au revoir from Paris. À bientôt!

Guy Stuff

  • House of Rfyre -Eitiene Mens Tux Black: Satin (500L) – Evariste Mens Tux Midnight (500L) – Leon Mens Tux Check Black (500L)
  • Eros – Ken Teal (500L) – Carl – Aqua (300L)
  • Alyssa Bijoux – RFL lapel pin (250L)
  • Avrele Designs – Citizen – Forest (450L)

A Land Down Under

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

G’Day and good on ya!

This morning I visited the Melbourne region and it’s quite lovely.


The huge trees give this region its own unique flavor with the heavily wooded parkland in the middle and the shops arrayed around the outer edge. A replica of the Melbourne Arts Centre Spire graces the top of the Melboure Relay Designer’s Showcase Gallery on the northeast corner of the region.

One thing that did confuse me is this trolley fountain.


I’m not quite sure what that’s about. Maybe it’s an Aussie thing. I particularly liked the outdoor plaza with the tables and chairs under the trees. I could see sitting there on a pleasant day.

Men’s wear was represented in a variety of modes and today I’ve picked out a couple of the more interesting ideas.


This was the first RFL vendor I’ve found with footwear in it, and since I’ve been looking for a great pair of gnarly boots to round out my biker look, this pair of boots with matching daggers seemed to fill the bill. These are from Eclipse and are called the Assassin’s Boots. A corresponding female version looks equally appealing. I loved the richness of the detailing in the texture and the use of strappy buckles to add dimension.

While there were other choices available in Melbourne including a great casual outfit from Lapointe and Bastchild and an intriguing looking duster from Suki’s Silken Fashions, this bit of whimsy caught my eye.


Anybody who’s been in world for more than a few weeks has run across somebody who’s riding the drama llama. Usually, it’s a figurative notion, but at the RFL, there’s actually a drama llama (complete with stylish neck scarf) that you can ride. Being guilty of overacting without a valid dramiatic license myself, I found this to be delightfully funny and reminds me to keep my own drama to a minimum. It’s quite an image.

Speaking of image, there’s a RFL photography contest going on now and there aren’t that may men who have entered. Here’s the blurb from the Official Notecard:

Category name: RFL exclusive style (both categories: Male and Female)

Goal: Mix and Match the exclusive items available from the RFL-kiosks during RFL Clothing Fair to create a composite style.
Each Item must be purchased from the fair.

The look must include items from at least 3 different designers.

The person must add on the description of the photo the reference of store name and item name for each RFL-item that comprise the final look, so other people can buy them if they wish have the same look.

Theme must be considered in each photo – Theme this year is ” Fashion Cities of the World”


Mix and Match

Prizes will be given to the Best Male and Best Female COMPOSITE. This event is sponsored by the designers of the fair and Glitterati. Each winner will recieve a 5000L gift card to Glitterati and a wonderful gift bag from the designers.

Just some basic rules to remember…1. all photos must be PG rated…absolutely NO nudity…2. May be post processed. We want your best work … .3. Focus of the photo must be a of RFL outfits purchased at the fair…4. No more then three entries per person…5.Have fun!

All Entries must be uploaded to :

Contest Runs from 3pm slt March 13, 2010 till 1pm slt March 21, 2010 . Winners will be announced at the closing party at the Clothing fair. Party is from 6pm-8pm slt on March 21 on the Entertainment sim at the Fair.

There are still a few days left to get your submissions in there and, guys, if you notice, each day’s post has a catalog of the available items for men at the bottom so you can get a feel for what you might like to do and seek out those vendors with the guy stuff you need to make it happen.

That’s it for today. I need to get moving on my photo styling. I can do up to three photos and I still have four regions to go!

Guy Stuff

  • Sn@tch – DramaLLama Tee (25L)
  • Eclipse – Gallant -Grey (400L) – Assassin’s Boot -black (350L)
  • Suki’s Silken Fashions – Stardust Duster Outfit (400L)
  • Lapointe & Bastchild “S’Wear” Edge Mens Clothing Gift Set (399L)

Mystics and Merchandising

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

New Dehli was where I first saw the Clothing Fair 2010 build and I was taken with the the bazaar stalls arranged along the sides. The central plaza is spacious and appointed with delightful fountains. When I started taking my pictures today, though, something exquisite emerged.


The placement of the Temple on one end and the Mashooka build on the other gives the plaza a wonderful asymtetric balance and seemed to draw me in and take me away to a different place, a different time.


The textures and shape of the temple’s interior was stunning. The pictures here can’t really do it justice, even in the larger sizes. You might be tempted to visit just for the view alone but let’s not over look the clothing. The shops are filled with different textures, and brilliant colors. I was impressed by how well the clothing fit the regional them.


This suit by Mashooka is a case in point. The silvery filigree adorns the sumptuous green top and a silky pair of trousers with prim cuffs adds a base. I’m a long time fan of Mashooka’s work and this one didn’t let me down.


I’m a sucker for a Hawaiian shirt, especially if it’s executed well and this Purple Hawaiian from Brocade Tiger certainly lives up to that expectation. Brocade Tiger has a lot of interesting men’s wear and I’m sure to be going to visit them in their main store with the Fair folds up the tents.

My one disappointment with New Delhi was the dearth of men’s wear. Frankly, I can understand why there isn’t more. Guys don’t shop as much as women and I’ve heard vendor after vendor make the same remarks about men-as-customers. I think we’re making progress slowly, but we’re not out of the woods … yet.

Below is a list of “guy stuff” and I’m looking forward to what new adventures tomorrow will bring.

Is it just me or does everyone have a sudden hankering for Tandouri Chicken with a side of papadums?

Guy Stuff

  • Mashoka – Men’s suit Veer (350L)
  • Zaara – Nalin (pale blue) with Chinos set (250L)
  • Falln – Sherwani Sahi Sone Ke – (550L)
  • Brocade Tiger – BT Purple Hawaiian Shirt (50L) – BT Sugar Band (250L)

I’m Too Sexy for My Shirt…

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Salve, tutti!

I just flew back from Milan and I’m still feeling the excitement. As with all the other builds, Milan’s monumental recreation of the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II staggers the viewer.

The view down the galleries is as spectacular as the view from outside.


It’s easy to lose sight of the reality that these buildings are as big as a whole region. Having done some relatively large scale builds myself, I know what a challenge it can be to span a whole region like this, and the crew here did an amazing job. From the historical costumes of Moonstruck to the detailed modern jewelry of a la Mood, there’s really something for everybody here.

I wanted to talk about shirts today and there are a couple of stellar examples in the RFL vendors.


This first one is from Musashi Do’s collection. It’s a polo shirt — a real polo shirt. Actually a polo club shirt but I’m always on the lookout for great patterns and striking designs. Too few men’s designers have this level of snap in execution and I really like it.

The second is from Touché and features a patterned skull and crossbones. I’ll confess that it’s not my favorite pattern, but I was intrigued by the color choices and the RFL vendor had both blue and burnt orange so I tossed a few L into the kitty. I’m glad I did.


Taken as a regular shirt – the rolled up cuffs look good, but the prim collar looks a trifle odd with the textured collar under it. Not bad. Just a little odd. It’s ok because I can wear it without the prim collar as an uppermost layer, but what caught my eye here was what happens when I put on my favorite sport coat from Sartoria (the brown jacket from the Sartoria Project in Green). The prim collar adds a finish and pizzazz to the outfit by carrying the line upwards. Bravo, Touché! I really like these shirts.

I took a little extra time to look around a bit and – sure enough – there are treasure globes here as well. They’re not too hard to spot but here’s a couple of clues.


That’s it for today from the Fair, although I may have another post later in the day on some jewelry from one of the Fair merchants.

Ciao for now!

Guy Stuff

  • Moonstruck – Rodomonte (780L) – Wildlife (600L)
  • Gritzi Design – Gritzi Jeans (49L) – Demon (99L)
  • Styles of Edo – Black Suit with Ascot Tie Coordinated 34 (380L) – Black Suit with Ascot Tie Coordinated 30 (380L) – 2009 Tuxedo1 Coordinated 4 (600L) – 2009 Tuxedo1 Coordinated 1 (500L)
  • Touché – Two Grunge Skull Shirts (200L)
  • Wilson’s Designs for Men – Stingray (200L) – Shine in Brown (400L) – Red Hot (300L) – The Archer (200L)
  • Sartoria – Velvet Suit (700L) – Moon Suit (700L) – Martin Suit (700L) – The Boulevarder (700L)
  • Musashi Do – Polo Club Shirt (79L)