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Monday, March 22nd, 2010

The after shocks from the Clothing Fair are still being registered on seismometers around the grid and one of the tremors is in my inventory. I get caught up in the moment and just go into “massive acquire” mode and my inventory is strewn with the debris of uncontrolled purchase.

One thing I didn’t purchase — it was given to me as a prototype by Jori Watler of a la Mood — is this viciously cool signet ring.

I have a hard time with men’s jewelry as a whole. Between scale, bling, and message, I’m just not going to wear some of this stuff about. Rings in particular have long been one of my peeves because they’re usually too clunky and they don’t stay where you put them. Any time a hand gesture moves your fingers, the ring gets pulled off line. I understand why the geometry of avatars causes that, but I’ve never really understood why men’s rings had to be so heavy.

A few days ago, Jori contacted the Clothing Fair group looking for some men to try out a new ring that she was making and I volunteered to be a guinea pig for her. Frankly, I didn’t know what to expect but what I got was this pair of rings. The full signet came first and I was immediately taken with the style and design. Because of the size of the bezeled mounting, I put it on my middle finger and sized it down to fit. Jori got an enthusiastic thumbs up from me and she sent me the offset version to look at. I liked that one even better.

The upshot of this whole episode is that I’ve now got a great ring that works spectacularly with most of my every day outfits. I’m very impressed with how much a simple accessory like this can make a huge difference in the overall look, even when the viewer isn’t consciously aware of the details. More, because these stay close to the center-line of my hand, they only really move a lot when I get a hand bend that clenches my fist or otherwise makes some kind of extreme gesture. I can work around that and live with the minor deformations.

I’m not sure if she has these for sale yet, but if you’re in the market for a men’s signet, this is a great piece. Simple, elegant, and perfectly weighted for a man’s hand.

Thanks, Jori. I told you I’d write it up. Sorry, it’s taken so long!