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Making a Model II

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

If you’re not a model, you may not know this. Posing is tough. Most people know about sitting on a pose ball or loading up a dance chim or even rebuilding AO’s to control various movements and animations. When it comes to doing runway work, the model needs to find poses, and manage them. There are a lot of great animators out there making model poses, but Dove Swanson just announced a new set of poses (and a blogger appreciation program) over on her blog.

[LAP] Introduces the Blogger Appreciation Program + New Poses!
This week I’m unleashing my I Heart Bloggers pose sets on the grid. Yep, I even included the boys this time! 😉 It’s two sets of poses geared towards bloggers and fashion shots primarily. I focused hard on torso bending/twisting/breaking and also on placement of hands and feet. Not just that, but each set comes with multiple variations on poses, plenty of hand morph options and as usual both priority 3 and 4.

I’ve used Long Awkward Poses for awhile now and I can’t say enough good things. This new release in particular is just spectacular.

One of the issues a model needs to be aware of when selecting poses to show off an outfit or create a look is the line of the outfit and the placement of limbs when the pose is active. LAP has had some great ones, but also some issues with line breaks on some of the poses.
line_break This shows a pose with a line break. It’s a great pose with a solid color shirt but the zig-zag break on the torso creates a problem with outfits like this one.

But this new release from Long Awkward Pose has only a couple of poses with very minor line breaks and some excellent modeling style stances that I’ve been looking for, like a nice “turn-the-back” pose and both left and right half turns. My only complaint are the “crossed arm” poses which might be good for photo close up work — they position the head and neck nicely — but aren’t going to be a lot of help on the runway where “hiding the outfit” isn’t appreciated.

I love this new release and, one way or another, I’ll be getting a set of my own.

[Disclaimer: Part of her blogger appreciation program is that she’s giving away a set of these poses to bloggers who write about Long Awkward Pose. I’ve written about the poses I use from there before and I expect to again. I probably would have written these up even if she weren’t giving a set away.]

SLURL: Long Awkward Pose

AO, AO, It's off to work I go …

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Animation Overrides (the much storied AO) substitute the default walk, stand, sit, fly, etc animations with something which may or may not be an improvement. The default walk for most avi’s is a bit – what’s the word? Choppy? Cartoonish? Comical? Whatever it is, nothing marks you for a newbie more surely than not realizing you’re walking like a dork. Enter the AO.