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Yipes, Stripes

July 3rd, 2010 by Roland

Elle74 from Bellissima sent me this pinstripe suit the other day and asked what I thought of it.

Gorgeous. The components here are what I’ve come to expect from Bellissima and they go together to create a unique look. The jacket is a luscious green Prince Charlie formal coat and she’s placed it over an olive waistcoat and white shirt with olive tie. The pants sport some of the better looking pin stripes that I’ve seen inworld. Those little buggers are difficult to do well because of the way pants and avatar mesh interact. It usually comes out badly for the pants. In this case, Elle74 has made a great compromise between delicateness of the stripe and width of the gap to make a pair of pin stripes that sets up very nicely.

I could see this as the core of a steam punky look, or even as is, for a Victorian or Edwardian period outfit.

If I were to find fault with one thing, it’s that the knot in the tie sits back into the collar just a tad too far, but I’m really quibbling.

Find this outfit on Bellissima’s RFL vendor and you’ll be helping a great cause while getting a terrific look.


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