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Tunic Tops

May 10th, 2010 by Roland

While we’re on the subject of shirts, Triskall Claremont of North*Wind let me know about this new release yesterday.

Juli Tunic_Autumn

Triskall continues in his quest for developing new ideas in men’s fashion. This time it’s a tunic style shirt with a square yoke detail pattern across the chest. This one is the “Autumn” variety but he’s also got a colorful floral, a black butterfly, and a nicely textured white ribbon version. The prim collar comes with and without the tie, and the cuffs come in two varieties. In this photo I’m wearing the straight cuff, but there’s also one with a bloused lower sleeve that’s gathered at the cuff for a fuller look. The underlying textures on this piece are excellently shaded and highlighted and with the variety of layers and options available, this is a terrific buy.


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