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May 23rd, 2010 by Roland

Triskall Claremont of North*Wind keeps pumping out new looks. His latest one — Love Squad — dropped the other day and this is the first chance I’ve had to check it out.

love squad

I first saw the original of this at the ModelX show where North*Wind was featured along with some Shiki, Deetalz, SF Designs, Gabrielle, and Ginevra Lancaster. Triskall put the prototype for this outfit together in a snazzy red plaid with a bandana around his head. He looked quite piratical and I really liked what he’d done with textures. During the show he talked about putting together the outfit for sale, and he’s done a great job with the prim work. I’m not a big fan of the skully but he’s used it in very interesting ways — as buttons, as a collar insignia, and even on the tam. The other thing I found fascinating was the use of the “bloused” look on the sleeves and pant legs. Adding in the heavy “combat boots” in matching plaid gives this outfit a terrifically pulled together look that tickles my sense of fun.

North*Wind and Prelude have moved and Triskall has his own shop now.

Thanks, Triskall. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.


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