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Rockin’ RobinSa

May 9th, 2010 by Roland

Saige Elton designs some very nice women’s clothing. She’s just started working on a men’s line and she sent me a pack of her new shirts to try out.


This is “Rocker” in red and it’s a classic “open front” jacket-layer shirt. I particularly like the shading and wrinkling she’s added to this shirt. The prim cuffs have a subtle texture as well that makes them stand up a little better than flat cuffs normally do and the mod/copy permissions let me experiment with getting them just the way I liked. The collar scuplty, likewise, took to mod nicely so I could make it fit around my fat neck and still meet the back of the shirt.

Altogether, this is a very nice jacket layer shirt.

Thanks for the look-see, Saige.


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