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Rising Sun

May 22nd, 2010 by Roland


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Saige Elton laid a pair of her new board shorts on me the other day and I really liked them. I have several other pairs of board shorts but I don’t wear them that much because I don’t get to the beach that often.

I may have to change my habits because these shorts are really quite nice. There are no prims that need adjusting, just a nicely textured and wrinkled pair of shorts.

I had one small problem with the bulkiness of them … they took advantage of the “loose fitting” option in Appearance and the way the system flared my thigh gave me a rather odd, drumstick look about the leg. These shorrts are mod/copy so I was able to scale back the bulk and get a good match for my legs and the shorts.

I may have to spend more time on the beach. Cowabunga!


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