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Ease Meets West

May 17th, 2010 by Roland


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Summertime and the living is easy. It’s time for casual clothes and easy wear outfits. Shiki is right on top of this with a new (and extensive) spring/summer line up of unique colors and patterns.

I’ll post more of these as I get them unpacked but here’s a taste of what’s in store at Shiki this season.

This Oriental patterned cowboy shirt layers a yoke of blue and white over a lushly textured red body. Prim sleeves and collar add nice touches of dimension while preserving the shape and pattern.

The grungy jeans in paint spattered stone wash are a great foil to the reds in the shirt. The excellent wrinkle and shading add depth to the pants without overwhelming the pattern.

This is a terrific, easy wear look for guys. The prim collar lays down nicely with a minimum of fuss and the cuffs are optional for those who just don’t like to play with prims when they dress. The combination of eastern flower patterns with the blue denim cap at the collar and pocket flap makes this outfit uniquely Shiki.

Thanks, Shinichi! Great stuff.


2 Responses to “Ease Meets West”

  1. Hi Roland. Just wanted to say thanks for the great post! Your photograph just caught my eyes!!! Beautiful photos!

  2. Roland says:

    Thanks for stopping by and for creating such great looks!