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Butterflies on Guys

May 13th, 2010 by Roland

Triskall Claremont of North*Wind continues to exert pressure on the stereotypes of male fashion. This outfit has been out for awhile, but seeing Triskall’s work at the ModelX show yesterday reminded me that I hadn’t written this one up yet.


This outfit is a fine example of the superb construction I’ve come to expect from North*Wind. Seams, textures, and prims all match properly and the shading gives extra dimension to the rich blue fabric. Papillon comes in two flavors — the whimsical with butterfly applique on the chest, and a less flamboyant version for those who may be somewhat less adventurous. Personally, I think I’m more likely to wear the plainer one, myself, just because I like the cleaner lines and less rococo nature of the outfit without the jacket tails. As a model, I’m always aware of trying to keep my hands out of my clothing — even when I’m off the runway — and my AO insists on putting my hands close to my hips when I stand. The sharply flaired prim tails and my hands just don’t seem to be able to get along. The tails are optional, and the butterfly version of the tunic sports white lace trim along the hem which gives it a nicely finished look without the conflict with my hands so I may wear it that way. Depends on my mood.

Find this and more of Triskall’s rapidly expanding line of avant grid men’s wear at North*Wind.


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