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Something Different

April 10th, 2010 by Roland

I’ve been looking for haute couture and avant garde fashion for men on the grid for the last couple of weeks. One of the key frustrations has been a lack of variety in texture and a certain sameness of design. Coat, shirt, pants. There’s not a lot of variation there, although I do enjoy my kilt. Shirt, collar, and tie are the most common features with the odd turtle-, crew-, or henly- neck shirt. I understand that men on the grid are a bit more conservative in design and style. I figured they must be, given the almost endless supply of “more of the same” I’ve run across while searching for something different.

But then Xenobia found a blog post that pointed me to North*Wind and Triskall Claremont…

(Click for the really closeup view)

This is Brocade Rubis and represents one of several jewel-tone sweaters with a unique take on the collar and tie. What grabbed me about this piece was the texture on the sweater itself. It’s not solid, it’s beautifully shaded, and has a dimensionality to it that is second to none. Add in the collar with a trio of trims and ties, and the fact that it’s more lace-trimmed cowl than turtleneck. Add the cuffs with matching lace and ties. Do the sum and you’re left with something quite different in men’s fashion.

As if that weren’t enough, I found this more traditional take on collared shirt there, too.


A couple of things set this one apart. First, the collar is closed. It’s a very different look than one finds in men’s casual shirts. They normally go for the relaxed, open collar and open chest look. This one has an almost avant garde feel to it — a kind of Geek Cred styling with the shirt buttoned up to the chin. The texture is an exceptionally delicate floral pattern for a man’s shirt — too small for a “hawaiian” and too big to be overlooked as background pattern. There’s even a button on the collar tabs as accent. Not as a “button down” style, you understand, but as decoration.

Triskall adds another little detail to this design and it shows up in the shirtcuffs.


These french cuffs are “backwards.” One would normally expect the cuff-tail and buttons to be behind the wrist — on the pinkie side of the hand. Triskall has put this uniquely styled cuff with the buttons up, and the detailing on this bit of clothing architecture tells me just how much thought he puts into his work. This is precisely the kind of thing I’ve been looking for in my search for something different.

Find North*Wind at Prelude.

See what Chic Critique had to say about another North*Wind outfit.

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  1. Now that IS nice. Guess I am going shopping tomorrow 😉