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A Rose By Any Other Name

April 23rd, 2010 by Roland

I’m just in awe of Triskall Claremont’s ability to imagine what’s never been seen. From his pastel striped over-alls to the Rubis sweater that I wrote about before to — well, just everything he’s done. It’s not easy to create something new within the confines of a particular context like clothing and yet Triskall has done it again and again.

Over the weekend he gave me a sneak peak at his newest release–Shimmer :: Noir.


The shirt and slacks are richly textured with a black background and a stylized flower pattern down the front of the shirt and the outside of the leg. Triskall did a masterful job on the shading and wrinkles here — no mean feat with a black background to work on. On top of that he’s added a very nice lace cuff for the shirt and an asymmetrical prim cuff for the pants. All perfectly matched and needing only a bit of scaling to fit.

Then, there’s the collar and optional belt. The belt consists of a bouquet of roses on a “twisted vine” belt that places the roses at the place where one might find a sash knotted — at the left hip. It’s garnished with a few sprigs of rose bush that wrap around the hip and thigh.


The collar comes in two flavors — Roses and Simple. The collection of roses on the lace collar is accented with a few sprigs of green-leaved rose cane and create a unique look for this outfit. For those who prefer a less flamboyant look, Triskall includes a stand up collar that works well with, say, an open jacket or even as just a stylish sweater

If you’re looking for something a bit different — a terrific texture and unique style — try North*Wind. Noir is just one of the unique offerings you’ll find in his little corner of Prelude.


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