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We’ll Always Have Paris

March 19th, 2010 by Roland

There’s never any question about fashion when it comes to Paris. Call me old school but the phrase “runways of Paris” has just that little extra bit of fashion magic to it. It turns out I’m going to be in the Paris show in a few days, and I can’t wait to find out what I’ll be wearing. Anything from this group of designers will be spectacular!

First, the build is marvelous.


I love the Versailles inspired architecture around the periphery with the shops inside at street level.

The House of RFyre sponsored this region and their palace holds pride of place at the end of the bridge. I keep using the word monumental, but it certainly applies here.


The multi-globed streetlights give this an amazing old world flair and the views make me think of springtime, even though it’s currently snowing outside my window.


It was very relaxing to stroll along the boulevard, but I really needed to get back and post this bulletin before the ship sailed for the colonies … oh, wait. Wrong script.

House of RFyre has some wonderful gothic tuxes on their RFL vendors and they looked wonderful. It’s not really my style of choice so I had to dig a little deeper and found Eros – Fashion by Keth across the courtyard.


By now you know I like shirts and I found “Carl” here in a lovely aqua color tucked away around the corner in an RFL vendor. The subtle pattern to the texture and the realistic wrinkling gives this shirt a soft look. It comes with open and closed versions in a multitude of layers, including that all-important underwear layer to keep the clean tuck look on lowcut jeans. The prim collar and cuff give the piece dimension and the prims are well formed and matched in color. At 300L it’s a bit pricey for a shirt, even with all the layers, but it’s a nice piece and contributes to a good cause so I have no complaints.

After all, it came from Paris and everybody knows how expensive Paris fashion is.

Two more to go — New York and Tokyo — and I need to start looking seriously for my outfit for the photo contest. Time’s slipping away and I’d love to snag a little extra momento of this year’s RFL.

Au revoir from Paris. À bientôt!

Guy Stuff

  • House of Rfyre -Eitiene Mens Tux Black: Satin (500L) – Evariste Mens Tux Midnight (500L) – Leon Mens Tux Check Black (500L)
  • Eros – Ken Teal (500L) – Carl – Aqua (300L)
  • Alyssa Bijoux – RFL lapel pin (250L)
  • Avrele Designs – Citizen – Forest (450L)

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