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The Big Apple

March 21st, 2010 by Roland

As I sit to write this, there’s still time for you to get to the 2010 Clothing Fair and support the race for the cure. To wrap up my series on the regions, I’ve saved New York for last and it’s so quintessentially New York, it’s almost unbelievable.

The view from above is pretty spectacular.


Yeah, the builder took a little liberty with the placement of a few things, but one can only do so much with a single region. It’s still a city of tall buildings and single bounds.

From the street level, it’s got the same gritty vitality that you’d find on Fulton Street. I’ve been there in person and this is a darn good simulation — in feel, if not in actually fact.


The level of detail and the degree to which the builder was able to capture the feel of the city — from the Lions at the New York Public Library, to the parking lots and dumpters. This isn’t necessarily the uptown, upscale New York, but the working class down town.

I found several pieces of clothing and even a great necklace from Earthstones to show you.


I was pleased to see this piece in and RFL vendor because there’s never enough good men’s jewelry. Too much of it is either clunky-large, or misogynist, or both. I’m always on the lookout for a good piece with nice design and detail and this Jumoke necklace for men grabbed me.

For clothing, I found two separates that looked like they might have been made for each other, they went that well together.


Moonshines had this gritty looking men’s hoodie in charcoal while just down the street I found a matching pair of pants at Spellbound. The prices were very reasonable and I couldn’t resist helping the cause by snagging them both. I’ve added the Assassin’s Boots I got from the Melbourne sim the other day for a really kick-butt look that I might submit to the photo contest, except I’m too late. The deadline passed an hour ago.

Before I wrap with the Guy Stuff for this region…

I met this guy up in the balloon over the region. He seemed a little despondent that the fair was almost over for another year. I told him to cheer up, most of the vendors will be available for a few more days (at least) in the various stores and areas around the grid. If there’s something he missed, there’s plenty of time to find it — even if it’s not right here all together.

That cheered him up.

Thanks to everyone for all the hard work, long hours, and personal sacrifice to help bring this Clothing Fair in at what should be at least four million lindens before it’s over. A lot of that (nearly a quarter) comes from the vendors themselves who shelled out for the privilege of giving part of the proceeds from each sale to the Relay effort. Not only did they do a lot of hard work, they paid cash to do it. Thank them when you see them.

RIP: Bluewave Ogee – we lost you this year to leukemia, but we’ll never forget you.

Guy Stuff

  • Moxie Polanos – MP Guy Fawkes Mask (600L) Mp Mens Gold Giles Mask (600L)
  • EarthStones Jumoke Male Necklace – Sugilite (RFL/Boxed)(350L)
  • Moonshine – Hoodie w/sculpt prim hood, cuffs, all layers(90L)
  • Spellbound – [SB] Ridge pants (50L)
  • SD Wears – SD Ovation Male Jackets Chubby Pack (750L)
  • N’vhe King Neptunes Formal IEVL (199L)
  • Moodswings – ~D~ Real Men (300L)

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