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London Calling…

March 15th, 2010 by Roland

I’ve been trying to get this posted all day and every time I turn around I find a new detail to admire. The big picture of this region is stunning and my photo doesn’t really do it justice.


But the real genius of this Caliber build shows up in the details like the various transportation options and great visual puns.


If you don’t get this one, it’s ok. I just depends on Who you are.

But the clothing in RFL vendors blew me away. I went shopping early this morning and found a ton of stuff. There’s a full list at the end of the post, but here are some of the pieces I want to highlight.


I’m a sucker for steampunk and this Brass Differential Waistcoat called to me. It’s from To A Tee and available in a bunch of layers so it can go under a jacket and over a more elaborate shirt as well. This white shirt came with it and has rolled and full sleeves. My only complaint is that the bottom of the vest is too short. I added a black underwear layer to fill in the gap and it worked fine. The rest of the workmanship is great and I’m tickled to have it.

Keeping in the Victorian theme…

Lois Allen Designs for Ladies and Gentlemen has a bunch of men’s outfits. I bought several but what caught my eye about this Victorian Gentleman was the suit that I found buried under the cloak and hat. The detailing in this astounded me. It might well become my new favorite set of tails.

Wrapping up my tour for today, I saw this and knew i needed to have it.


Bellisima’s Elle74 Zaftig has nailed the kilt perfectly in this purple Scott tartan outfit. The photo doesn’t show the excellent prim work in the collar very well or the attention to detail from the pom on the top of the hat to the lacing on the gilley boots, but this is an exquisite piece of work. I’ve wanted a kilt for a long time and I’ve tried on countless samples. This one is the first one where I thought the kilt moved naturally and looked like a kilt even while walking.

Now … if I could get that in a green Wallace …

Tomorrow I’m off to Milan. I got a sneak peak at some men’s jewelry that i want to check out in person and I’m sure there’ll be lots more goodies to report on.

Until then, “Pip, pip! Cheerio!”

Guy Stuff

  • Exclusiva – Gable Suit – Lavender (450L)
  • SF Design – Anniversary Tux in Rose (600L) – Military Jacket and Cap (200L)
  • INDI – Pete (550L) and Hunter (150L)
  • Bellisima – Bell PC Kilt Purple Scott (350L) – Pin striped Vest & Suit (200L) – Bell Jeans and Tees (1L)!!
  • Lois Allen Designs for Ladies and Gentlemen – London Victorian Gent (300L) – London in the Rain (200L) – London at Leisure (200L) – London City Gent (200L)
  • To-a-Tee – Brass Differential Waistcoast (160L)

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3 Responses to “London Calling…”

  1. Elle says:

    Roland, you look SPLENDID in that kilt 😀

    Thank you for posting it!

    <3, Elle74 Zaftig

  2. Roland says:

    Thanks, Elle! And thanks for making it and participating in the Clothing Fair!

  3. […] that caught my eye — and there were so many — was the Bellisima Scott Kilt. When I wrote about it in my London post, I asked if there were a Wallace in Green. Elle74 Fertig of Bellisima dropped this on me […]