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I Think I’m Turning Japanese…

March 20th, 2010 by Roland

Ok, maybe not, but the styles floating around from the Tokyo region have been rocking my world. Before I show you the clothing, I really need to show you the build.

It starts out with a classic Torii Gate in red at the corner, the path leads to the central plaza.


The region is beautiful in its simplicity and gleans much of its elegance from the spare lines of the architecture and minimalist design.


But like the oni in the woodpile, the strange old grandmother in the woods, there is this one amazing build lurking in the corner.


This wonderful monster looks like it should be in a Miyazaki movie. I found it simultaneously intimidating and fascinating. It’s the home to Store KwZ and it’s just perfect.

Fashion here is heavily skewed toward the Japanese pop with a smattering of traditional and, here and there, a few flashes of something very different.


I’ll start with the traditional and this Tsunami in Black and Red from House of Zen. At 200L this got an almost automatic buy from me. I’ve been eying these outfits for a long time. I do tai chi in RL and this is exactly the kind of outfit I’ve always wanted to wear when I’m doing Waves Hands as Clouds. I’ve never actually dropped the cash to get one before this because it seemed too much like “costume” and not something I’d just — you know — wear. With the added incentive of a donation to a good cause, I couldn’t resist actually splurging. Now I need to find the right (and left) shoes to go with it.

AITUI’s shop had a great set of items last year. I’ve been wearing the shirts off and on all year long. This year, my Lindens got snagged by this bad boy.


It’s called Hisashi’s Verdict and I clicked “buy” without a second thought or a look back. The piece comes in the usual layers with some chest belts and this great sculpty collar and diagonal slash zipper. I can’t explain it, but I had to have this piece. I’ll probably see it all over the grid now, but I don’t care. The combination of uinque style and exemplary execution is enough for me. This might be my new favorite shirt and it’s still available for another day at the Tokyo region of the Clothing Fair.

One last tease, and this outfit isn’t in the RFL vendors, but it’s the outfit that I got to wear on the runway in the Tokyo show earlier this evening.


I’m not much for fur trim. Between the flexi and the alpha, it’s a bugger to rez. This piece has fur at cuffs and collar and the unique execution gives the coat a kick that I think really justifies the viewer load. It’s called the Skull Stitch Jacket in black because there are little tiny skulls set in the lines of the stitching. Unless you’re looking you might not notice. The pants are the Winter Strap Pants. There’s a series of primmed belts and buckles on the right thigh that match up with some textured detailing and gives these pants just a little kick in the butt.

All the buckles and the talk of winter brought a pair of SF Design’s Slouch Boots out of my closet and while I know swaffette isn’t in the Tokyo region, I didn’t think either she or Nagaru Kawashima of Demise would mind if I brought this little touch of winter to the show.

Tomorrow is the last day, folks and last I heard, we still have stuff for sale and a goal to reach. If your Linden Balance is anything like mine, it’s beginning to squeak a little even after having had a recent influx, but remember it’s for a good cause. Not only do you get a great outfit, but the money you spend helps support the race for the cure.

Don’t forget the photography contest. It’s not too late to get your entry in! You have until 1pm SLT on Sunday.

Finally, don’t stop shopping yet. I know it’s getting expensive out there, but remember the big picture and help us reach our goal.

Guy Stuff

  • KWZ: Orient Tuxedo (500L)
  • -DEMISE- : D:suits 01 white set (450L) – Leather jacket with studs (350L) – Devote my heart (full body tatts) (250L) – ARGOS (full body tatts) (300L)
  • AITUI – Hisashi’s Verdict Jacket (RFL 2010) (250L)
  • HOUSE OF ZEN -Tsunami-Black and Red Uni-Sex (200L) – Tsunami-White and Black Uni-Sex (200L) – Red and Black Uni-Sex (200L) – Tsunami-Martial Arts Uniform (300L)

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention “Skin Canvas” and their entire shop of tattoos in RFL vendors. I didn’t take the time to document the dozens of tattoos there, but there are some nice looking ones there for a very reasonable price.

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