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A Land Down Under

March 18th, 2010 by Roland

G’Day and good on ya!

This morning I visited the Melbourne region and it’s quite lovely.


The huge trees give this region its own unique flavor with the heavily wooded parkland in the middle and the shops arrayed around the outer edge. A replica of the Melbourne Arts Centre Spire graces the top of the Melboure Relay Designer’s Showcase Gallery on the northeast corner of the region.

One thing that did confuse me is this trolley fountain.


I’m not quite sure what that’s about. Maybe it’s an Aussie thing. I particularly liked the outdoor plaza with the tables and chairs under the trees. I could see sitting there on a pleasant day.

Men’s wear was represented in a variety of modes and today I’ve picked out a couple of the more interesting ideas.


This was the first RFL vendor I’ve found with footwear in it, and since I’ve been looking for a great pair of gnarly boots to round out my biker look, this pair of boots with matching daggers seemed to fill the bill. These are from Eclipse and are called the Assassin’s Boots. A corresponding female version looks equally appealing. I loved the richness of the detailing in the texture and the use of strappy buckles to add dimension.

While there were other choices available in Melbourne including a great casual outfit from Lapointe and Bastchild and an intriguing looking duster from Suki’s Silken Fashions, this bit of whimsy caught my eye.


Anybody who’s been in world for more than a few weeks has run across somebody who’s riding the drama llama. Usually, it’s a figurative notion, but at the RFL, there’s actually a drama llama (complete with stylish neck scarf) that you can ride. Being guilty of overacting without a valid dramiatic license myself, I found this to be delightfully funny and reminds me to keep my own drama to a minimum. It’s quite an image.

Speaking of image, there’s a RFL photography contest going on now and there aren’t that may men who have entered. Here’s the blurb from the Official Notecard:

Category name: RFL exclusive style (both categories: Male and Female)

Goal: Mix and Match the exclusive items available from the RFL-kiosks during RFL Clothing Fair to create a composite style.
Each Item must be purchased from the fair.

The look must include items from at least 3 different designers.

The person must add on the description of the photo the reference of store name and item name for each RFL-item that comprise the final look, so other people can buy them if they wish have the same look.

Theme must be considered in each photo – Theme this year is ” Fashion Cities of the World”


Mix and Match

Prizes will be given to the Best Male and Best Female COMPOSITE. This event is sponsored by the designers of the fair and Glitterati. Each winner will recieve a 5000L gift card to Glitterati and a wonderful gift bag from the designers.

Just some basic rules to remember…1. all photos must be PG rated…absolutely NO nudity…2. May be post processed. We want your best work … .3. Focus of the photo must be a of RFL outfits purchased at the fair…4. No more then three entries per person…5.Have fun!

All Entries must be uploaded to :

Contest Runs from 3pm slt March 13, 2010 till 1pm slt March 21, 2010 . Winners will be announced at the closing party at the Clothing fair. Party is from 6pm-8pm slt on March 21 on the Entertainment sim at the Fair.

There are still a few days left to get your submissions in there and, guys, if you notice, each day’s post has a catalog of the available items for men at the bottom so you can get a feel for what you might like to do and seek out those vendors with the guy stuff you need to make it happen.

That’s it for today. I need to get moving on my photo styling. I can do up to three photos and I still have four regions to go!

Guy Stuff

  • Sn@tch – DramaLLama Tee (25L)
  • Eclipse – Gallant -Grey (400L) – Assassin’s Boot -black (350L)
  • Suki’s Silken Fashions – Stardust Duster Outfit (400L)
  • Lapointe & Bastchild “S’Wear” Edge Mens Clothing Gift Set (399L)

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