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Fashion Expo 2009

June 11th, 2009 by Roland

I’m a derelict! After posting about the Expo starting up this week, my schedule has kept me too busy to visit it. I grabbed a few minutes this morning to find out what I’m missing. Turns out, I’m missing a lot.

We’re off to see the wizard!


The theme for this expo is – as you might be able to tell from the Yellow Brick Road here – the Wizard of Oz. The shops are nicely done and laid out in an accessible pattern.


With four sims worth of shopping, I’m a bit upset that I wasn’t more on the ball. I’m not sure I can even see everything between now and the close of the Expo on Sunday, but I’m sure going to try. The organizers have provided a teleport board that serves as an index to the vendors as well as cutting down on walk/fly time.


With over fifty designers scttered across four regions, the only remaining question is, “Where to begin?”

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